Stand up or our freedoms will be swept away

Editor, the Advocate:

Recently, I saw a Jimmy Stewart western on Encore Theater. He was a small-town part-time sheriff and farmer with a wife and two small children. It mirrored what is happening in this country today. Some people think that if you ignore evil, it will eventually go away.

In rides the toughies headed by Henry Fonda. They are allowed to get away with many things until they hang the sheriff's deputy. Then the sheriff realizes that you cannot go your own way and let evil take over; you must stand up for what is right.

This nation was founded on Judeo-Christian laws, and our current regime is trying to do away with everything we hold dear. It is time to stand up for our freedoms and beliefs, or they will be swept away. God bless America, and God bless the true Americans who love this country as I do.

Bette Andrews Noble, Victoria