Callers talk about racism, other topics

This goes out to Bob. I think that he is a racist. Every time that you read something that he has to say, it has to do with blacks. I am very upset with his comments.

Sadie, Victoria

Talk about socialism, try researching the conservative government in Arizona. They are trying to eliminate all collective bargaining, including firefighters, police departments and school teachers. Controlled by the few; sounds like socialism to me. Closer to home, oil pipeline companies condemning personal property in the name of public prosperity. How did they buy this socialistic power?

David, Cuero

So now we are being charged $5.05 for brush recycling and HAW, whatever that stands for, and the pickup crew just drives by and won't bother to stop and pick up a little brush that I had placed by the roadside of my yard. Most of the year, there is no brush to pick up, but we are still being overcharged these fees while the crew continues to just drive around enjoying the ride.

Vic, Victoria

Will someone please explain to me what birth control has to do with women's health and also what authority does our so-called president have ordering it to be given free? Hey Obama, I want a free facelift and tummy tuck. What a hypocrite.

Delores, Victoria