Callers talk about Houston, other topics

You sound like a person who never had a child or grandchild who got mixed up with alcohol or drugs. Whitney had a problem like a lot of people who I know. Money or no money, we all have a number.

Debbie, Victoria

If the religion does not want the government to butt into its affairs, then it needs to butt out of the government's business also.

Quit imposing its moral views and all of this religious stuff on government and on people and on candidates. It needs to back off, too, if it doesn't want the government telling it what to do.

Victor, Victoria

This goes out to all of the Democrats who were complaining about Bush with the gas hike. Are y'all complaining now when it is almost double?

Vickie, Yoakum

A blood sample from hyphenated American racist Ruben Navarrette Jr. (syndicated columnist) would predictably be red, white and green.

John, Goliad