Callers talk about free birth control, other topics

Delores doesn't want free birth control unless she gets a free face lift. Free birth control equals fewer abortions. What about that do you not understand? If a free face lift would help Delores manage her family so that she doesn't have more children than she can afford to take care of, let's give that girl a free face lift.

Liza, Port Lavaca

I agree with Danny in today's paper. If the staff of VISD, as well as the guards, would back up the teachers, it would be all right, but they don't.

Mary, Victoria

I am responding to the online poll of the week, and no I do not think candidates of 18 should be allowed to run for city, county and make decisions about taxpayers. I would recommend leaving it at 21.

Pat, Victoria

The press scrutinized John Kennedy for being a Catholic in much the same way that Mitt Romney is being scrutinized for being a Mormon. Therefore, it is only fair for Rick Santorum to scrutinize Obama for being an anti-Christ since the mainstream media never vetted a man living in the White House.

Rick, Wharton