Focus more on students' education

Editor, the Advocate:

I am upset with the Chandler Elementary School P.E. coach and principal. My 5-year-old daughter sometimes wears a pair of pants that has wear and tear at the knee. Each time she wears them, she is sent home with a copy of the dress code guidelines. This has made her feel uncomfortable, as though she has been bad. I have explained to the school that she only has three pairs of jeans, and due to the cold weather, I don't want her wearing shorts. I have no extra money to buy her jeans right now because I've been out of work for medical reasons. And if they could please not send her home with a copy of the dress code guidelines because of the way it makes her feel. Yet they have continued to send copies of the guidelines.

I finally told them that if they continued, I would go to the Victoria Advocate, so here I am. I think they should focus more on education than on harassing a 5-year-old. The Chandler coach has also told my fifth-grade son about 20 times that he needs to buy new P.E. shorts. He has lost about 10 pounds since school started, which makes his pants fit big, but he wears a belt and is not exposing anything. My first-grade son wore a jacket with skulls out of dress code for two days because his regular jacket was dirty. He was told the first time by the coach not to wear it again. He wore it a second time, but said, "Mom, I'm not wearing it outside for P.E. because I don't want to get in trouble." So he was just cold that day. My daughter also has suggested we call the police about the school harassing them. It is sad that my children feel harassed at school by adults. It makes me wonder how many other children at the school are being treated in the same way.

Yolanda Rodriguez, Victoria