Callers talk about freedom, other topics

To Victor of Victoria: For your information, Victor, if religion doesn't have a right to its views, then you don't have a right to your views. Have you not heard of freedom of religion or freedom of speech? We the people are the government.

Mark, Bay City

When is your newspaper and the Associated Press going to start printing "illegal immigrants return"? They are not legal. They had to get an interpreter. They can't even speak English. That is one of the primary deals of becoming a citizen of this country. They are illegal.

Mark, Port Lavaca

I think that our Christian president was trying to help the poor afford birth control so we would not pay out millions on welfare to people who have children who they can't afford. I saw a news piece where several poor people said that they would have taken birth control, but they could not afford the $30 a month. That could save American people millions of dollars.

Barbara, Victoria

I wonder if it is cheaper to have an abortion or be fed with food stamps for 25 to 30 years.

Billy, Bloomington