Poor planning, bad luck are the culprits

Editor, the Advocate:

I'm trying to get a handle on the Occupy Movement and the general level of economic frustration in this country. Our president keeps mentioning the need for a "...level playing field." This playing field is actually a reflection of economic activity and the skills and talents of those looking for jobs and will always be a moving target.

The main problem now is that too many job seekers who set foot on the playing field are not in shape skill-wise to compete. Unstable family units and poor education are not formulas for success. A study came out eight to nine years ago showed if an individual (independent of race) graduated from high school, waited until they were 21 to get married and waited until they were married to start having children, that their children had less than a 6-percent chance of ever living in poverty. If any of these parameters were missed, the chances shot up several fold.

Unsuccessful job seekers should not blame capitalism or Wall Street. They should, instead, look to poor planning on their own or their parent's part or simply bad luck.

Carleton K. Thompson Jr., Hallettsville