Years ago for Sunday, Jan 08, 2012


Jan. 9 - The epidemic of spinal meningitis in the northern portion of the state is rapidly spreading to other sections and becoming most alarming. So far, it has been severest at Dallas and Waco than any other points. Two cases were reported yesterday as far south as Cameron, Milam County, which is midway between Victoria and Dallas.

Jan. 11 - Twenty-two citizens, several prominent citizens among them, were fined $10 and costs each during the present term of County Court for gambling. Cases are pending against 10 others and four have been dismissed, making a total of 36.

Jan. 12 - The City Council and County Commissioners Court last night ordered a quarantine established at once against all points on account of the meningitis situation. Passengers for all points in the county will be required to furnish health certificates to inspectors on trains. All travelers from infected points will be isolated and detained. All amusement places have been closed. Schools and churches may be closed at any time. There is great anxiety among parents whose children are attending school abroad, and Health Officer McMullen is being overwhelmed with inquires concerning them.

Jan. 13 - Oz West now has a fine flowing well of pure artesian water, good for drinking and all other purposes, on his ranch at Placedo. The gusher was brought in some days ago by our John Young. It is 876 feet deep and flows 25 to 30 gallons per minute through a 2-inch pipe. John has since developed a fine flowing well on Martin O'Connor's ranch in this county at a depth of 960 feet, with a flow of 25 gallons per minute through a 2.5-inch pipe, and the water is excellent.


Jan. 8 - The increase in the receipts of the Victoria Post Office the past year entitles the office to rate as an office of the first class, which rating will become effective at the beginning of the new fiscal year on July 1 next. For many years, Victoria has been a second class post office.

Jan. 11 - Several Victorians have reported they saw a flurry of snow here Saturday afternoon.

Jan. 12 - Branding the murder of young Charles Mattson, a kidnap victim, as a "ghastly crime," President Roosevelt today revealed that the federal government was offering a reward of $10,000 for apprehension of the criminal.

Jan. 14 - Although there are three gliders in Texas, there are no licensed pilots to fly them, according to the bureau of air commerce and the Department of Commerce in Washington. As a matter of fact, out of 774 pilots in the state, not one of them is licensed to fly a glider.


Jan. 10 - A native of Victoria who has long been active in civic work was elected Tuesday as president of Victoria Chamber of Commerce. Jack Morrison, who has served as treasurer during the past year, was chosen to succeed Dave Lack. Also elected were Bill Klotz, first vice president; Tom Jones, second vice president; and Henry Hauschild Jr., treasurer. W.D. Henry, the district conservation chief who will be in charge of 11 area counties, has scheduled the opening of his Victoria office tentatively for Feb. 1.

Jan. 12 - Water in bays along the coast were frozen as much as a mile from shore for the third straight day Thursday, and Ray Childress, marine biologist who operates the field station at Seadrift, said the oyster crop, a $1 million industry, will be hard hit. High north winds drove water from the bays, leaving oyster reefs exposed to the extreme cold and Childress said most of the oysters will die. At Hallettsville, the Lavaca River froze from bank to bank, a distance of 35 feet, for the first time in 60 years.

Jan. 14 - The Advocate staff's coverage of Hurricane Carla last September forms an integral part of a unique book just off the presses of a Houston printing firm. Included in the book, "Hurricane Carla," are stories by Advocate Publisher Morris Roberts and staff writers Tom Fite, Vince Reedy and Pat Witte.


Jan. 8 - The two red wolves at the Texas Zoo will be among only five pairs of the endangered animals allowed to breed this year.

Zoo officials received official approval recently from the Red Wolf Species Survival Plan Propagation program at Point Defiance Zoo in Tacoma, Wash., to breed Sasha and Gregory, the two pure red wolves. This is only the second time since the red wolf exhibit opened in 1983 that the zoo has been given approval to breed the animals.

Jan. 10 - Victoria businesswoman Janey Lack said Friday she has received so much local encouragement that she is considering running for mayor in April.

"I cannot tell you how many people have called me," she said. "There has been so much encouragement that it would be wrong to shut the doors tightly."

However, she said she wanted to make it clear that if she doesn't run for mayor, she will not seek any other spot on the council.

"The only thing I would remotely consider is the mayor's position," Mrs. Lack said.

Mrs. Lack had served on the council for seven years prior to resigning her at large post in 1986 to run for District 32 state representative. She won the Democratic nomination for the office in a June primary runoff, but lost to Republican Steve Holzheauser by 17 votes in the November general election.