I have a personal relationship with reality--the things I can know by seeing, touching, smelling, hearing and tasting--the things I can understand from reading, research, talking, observing and thinking rationally about. I understand that one can be engulfed and overwhelmed by transcendent experiences--but I believe those types of experiences are purely natural in origin requiring no supernatural or supramundane invisible being outside oneself to generate. Everything I experience is caused by my interaction with and perception of reality--whether it is being overawed by the grandeur of Niagara Falls or experiencing the vastness of the universe in a place of absolute darkness or enjoying the loving company of my equally atheistic wife.

I also know in the midst of all the wonder that is reality that there are NO god or gods, because they are merely a construct of an imagination uninformed by science or empirical reason trying to understand a scary world. I know that religion is then therefore of the same provenance as fairy tales, superstition and ghost stories.

This is briefly what I believe.