Blogs » Camille's Corner » Facebook, Google refer suicidal people to help lines


In the wake of several online suicide notices, Facebook and Google have decided to get involved.

There are mechanisms in place now for the social media and search engine sites to look for suicidal messages and direct people to help, according to CNN. For full story click here.

There is no such thing as a full-proof system, but Facebook has taken it one step further to get others involved. The social networking site is encouraging its 800 million users to click on a "report suicidal content" link.

Staff members will monitor the reports throughout the day and investigates each report. A company spokesperson, said they may send a suicidal person an e-mail offering phone numbers for suicide hot lines.

Both companies have made previous efforts regarding suicide. Facebook has been partnering with the national suicide hot line since 2006.
In April 2010, Google added a search-engine feature that shows a picture of a red telephone and the phone number for the lifeline when people are searching for suicide-related topics.

It’s a huge concerted effort, but do you think it will be effective?