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Image College football recruiting has gotten crazy. Every year, fans hang on the decisions of high school players, waiting to see how their team ranks among the other teams. Of course, we won't know for the next couple of years whether the rankings are correct. But that doesn't stop fans from soaking up every bit of information. The hard-core fans sit in front of the TV waiting to see what hat a supposed blue chip puts on his head to indicate his choice. I have no reason to complain. I help feed the monster. If an area athlete commits to a school, you can bet there will be a story about it in the paper and online. That's why it's so refreshing when you come across a high school senior who appears to be making a decision for the right reasons. There was not much fanfare surrounding Bay City's Derek Brown's decision to sign with Rice. He did so in the Blackcat Room at the high school with teammate John Paul DeLaRosa, who signed with Texas El-Pason. When Brown signed his letter-of-intent, he was joined at the table by mother, Kimberly, and brother, Karl, and two coaches. Brown made it clear how much it meant to be able to attend a first-rate institution and play a sport he loves. "The whole football organization up there is family-oriented and being that I come from a single-parent home, family is really important to me," he said. "That’s really all I’ve been around all my life. Having that coach up there was a big attraction to me. Plus, the academics. It was real hard for other teams and other colleges and universities to compete with Rice because of the academics they have there. It’s definitely an upside that God’s blessed me with is my mind and also my ability to play football." Brown also made it clear how much earning scholarship meant to his mother. "That was one of my hugest goals was to take burdens off her shoulders," he said."This is one of the first steps I can take and say I guess I’m starting to be a man and taking a six-figure burden off her. I’m definitely proud I can do that for my mom." Brown should be proud of his accomplishment and appears to be in store for a promising future.