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Lent is upon us. It is my favorite liturgical season with my most favorite being Easter. Why? Simple. No Resurrection, no Christianity.

We went as a family to our parish last night for Ash Wednesday Mass. Fr. Bob, the Yoda of liturgical prayer, celebrated a very pious Mass. For the holy day, I wrote a piece over at Ignitum Today. The topic is ashes, humility, and conversion. Humbly, the article was picked up by a Catholic news source and has received about 5 times the traffic than usual and counting.

What is Ash Wednesday without pictures? Below is my youngest. We were explaining what Ash Wednesday is and he initially decided to not get ashes because he was scared. Of what? Well of being burned by fire. He understood that we were to be burned and become ashes at this time. When he realized what receiving ashes is, he changed his mind and was excited as could be. He was also excited about being in Fr. Bob’s line and wouldn’t even go to the shorter line next to him.