Blogs » The Erin Express » Question of the Day: What is your favorite thing about the Victoria livestock show?



“I’ve been to the one in Cuero and I am looking forward to going to the one in Victoria this year. I like to see how much the animals are auctioned off for and what the judges are looking for in the animals. I like to see the work the owners put into the animals. Seeing the difference between a healthy animals and ones that may need a little more help before they can be auctioned off.”

Wendy Prather, 39, of Victoria, H-E-B customer service.


“I like observing beautiful animals. I used to raise Dogs. I’ve learned to appreciate a well balanced emotional and physical animal. Whether it’s horses or cows, you can almost sense the emotions – especially of a horse – when they’re showing off.”

Richard Stoeltje, 46, of Victoria, oil rig.


“I Like the carnival for my grand kids. I really like going for the booths in the dome to look at all they are selling.”

Roy Reyna, 52, of Victoria, Dollar General employee.


“I like the kids being able to interact with and feed the animals. It is good for the kids to know about all the farm animals. It is also good for families to go out to together. Something for everybody.”

Carlos Guerra, 41, of Victoria, local DJ.